10 Years of Service Anniversary


Over 10 years ago, we decided to start a janitorial business in the heart of the Central Valley. From day one, we guided our start-up on the principles of customer service, quality work, and community engagement. What started as a small business serving clients in San Joaquin County, has now expanded to a 400 employee strong organization serving clients throughout the state. Our base of operations remains locally in Stockton, but in recent years, we have expanded our corporate footprint to include Escondido, Oxnard, Merced, and Concord communities.

The company takes pride in the stewardship of its employees and community members while striving to serve them through support of its not-for profit partners. We believe that serving these communities, with our partners, has been a key to our success. Many of these community partners serve our JaniTek team members and their families. We are grateful for their support.

On behalf of the team at JaniTek, thank you. Cheers to 10 years!