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Green Seal Certified!

It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green! We are proud to announce that JaniTek Cleaning Solutions has been Green Seal Certified once again. We recognize the importance of sustainable and harm-free cleaning products and practices and remain dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our environment, staff,...
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Safety Supplies

Get everything you need to keep your employees, clients, and customers safe. From masks to cubicle dividers, we have all of the necessary supplies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your office space.

Microfiber Technology

Just like cleansers, the tools that are used when cleaning are paramount to the overall quality of work. At JaniTek, we use microfiber technology to ensure the most thorough clean, every time. About Microfiber The microfiber cloths in the JaniTek line are constructed from a...
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We’ve Missed Your Beautiful Faces!

Welcome back to your office! It’s been a couple of months and we couldn’t wait for your return. Since you’ve been gone your employer may have added protocols like social distancing, safety masks, hand sanitizing stations, or other engineering practices to help keep you safe...
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Clean vs. Sanitize vs. Disinfect

Did I just clean, sanitize, or disinfect? That is the question and a very important one during our pandemic. When it comes to cleaning, the words sanitize and disinfect are often used interchangeably by many, even those in the cleaning industry. The truth is there...
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Be on Alert: COVID-19 Clean-Up Fraud Offers

It’s been weeks since COVID-19 work restrictions began and it now finally looks as though many companies will begin re-opening their offices for business. Several of our clients suspended cleaning service during this shutdown period and are now asking what they should do to clean...
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CDC Cleaning Guidelines

JaniTek Cleaning Solutions is working hard at the frontlines to ensure the safety and health of our community. We are responding to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 exposure and are continuing to increase service, including day porter service to disinfect high touch areas, to...
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Proactive Cleaning During a Closure

We can all agree that these unprecedented times have brought with them much uncertainty. With businesses and offices facing unexpected closures, staff working from home, and the world on lockdown, it’s easy to not know the appropriate next move. As a business owner, however, there...
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Combating Allergies in the Office

Allergies are the fifth leading chronic disease in the United States, and dealing with them day in and day out at work can be difficult. Focusing on business is no easy feat when your eyes are itchy, your nose is running or stuffed, and you’re...
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Combating Janitorial Service Cost Inflation

Inflation is coming! Inflation is coming! With minimum wage steadily increasing over recent years, there is no doubt you have seen your janitorial budgets grow. The bad news is it’s not over! Over the few years, you will continue to see the minimum wage increase...
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Summer Cleaning

While spring cleaning gets the most attention, it’s important not to let other seasonal cleaning fall through the cracks. As the temperatures rise to nearly blistering, it’s essential to take the necessary measures to ensure that your workplace stays clean. Here are a few tips that...
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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is the perfect opportunity to complete all those tasks you’ve been putting off. You spend the majority of the time in your home and office so you might as well make the surrounding area pleasant! Continue reading for five spring cleaning tips to...
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JaniTek Named Small Business of the Year

A huge thank you to the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce for naming JaniTek Small Business of the Year! JaniTek is truly honored, and we look forward to continuing to serve the wonderful Oxnard community.     View more HERE Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Green Business Award for JaniTek Oxnard

We are thrilled to announce that Craig Classen from our Oxnard location has received the Green Business Award for JaniTek Oxnard. At JaniTek, we are dedicated to providing a green clean, and making the wellbeing of our environment a priority. Congratulations, JaniTek Oxnard!