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JaniTek Cleaning Solutions is a “Plus One Employer”

In a difficult business climate and economy, it can be hard to create and fund employee appreciation programs that will be meaningful. We strive to do more for our team members and don’t just offer industry standard incentives, which is why we are a “Plus One” company! We provide pay, benefits, and recognition programs that are unheard of in our industry and resonate with our team members. The spirit of Plus One results in the happiest, most appreciated, best paid, and best recognized employees in the janitorial industry! Below are some examples of what is available to our team members. Join our team and learn more about qualifying for these benefits.

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I appreciate being recognized for my efforts. I’m proud to have received two badges so far this year!

Gorety B.

Incentive Pay Opportunities

Earn a Little Extra
Incentive Pay Opportunities
Birthday Recognition
Safety Incentive Program
Performance Recognition
Promotion Opportunities
Social Security

Great Place to Work
Team Work Recognition
Payday Treats and Fun
Anniversary Recognition
Badge Recognition Program
Education Credit Opportunities
Skills Enhancement Program
Safety Celebration

Work/Life Balance
Work Close to Home
Flexible Work Schedule
Sick Day Allowances
Paid Vacation
Holiday Pay
Health & Dental
Family & Medical Leave
School & Childcare Activities Leave
Military Leave

Incentive pay opportunities are for merit and will include performance feedback from your supervisor and account profitability. Employees are not guaranteed incentive. Customer feedback, attendance, and other performance factors will be considered in the decision. Some benefits are for full-time employees only. Your supervisor will review all qualifications.